SGW Herbs Night Cream

SGW Herbs Night Cream is natural whitening formulated that effectively whitening and restoring your fair and bright skin.

Product Introduction


The ingredient is extracted from the arbutin’s leaves which can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase to prevent the formation of melanin. Thereby, reducing the skin pigmentation, remove spot and freckles.

Why CHoose SGW Herbs Night Cream

SGW Herbs Night Nream will remove dark spot from the different skin layer (epidermis, dermis and basal cell layers), reduce of melanin, freckle of three layer and effectively remove various of surface dark spots.


Facial cleansing before go to bed, applied evenly with an appropriate amount over the face, focus more on the spot part for better absorption.

 (Apply more mask with replenishment effect is advisable)

Are You Facing Any Of This?

SGW Herbs Night Cream
Solve all kinds of dark spots problems